Downhill Eyeball Race? I am dubious. What gives?

We are racing a bunch of eyeballs down a hill.

Duh. I mean, why?

Oh, well, we have a bunch of eyeballs and we have a big hill, so why not?

What kind of hill? Also, what kind of eyeballs?

The ENORMOUS soapbox derby racing track hill at Derby Downs will be the scene of the crime. Unfortunately, due to storage and “legality” concerns, we are unable to use real human eyeballs for this endeavor. Instead, we will be using the sweet plastic eyeballs we used for the Great Oddmall Riverside Ramble Eyewash this past May.

How will we be able to tell who won?

Each eyeball has a number on it and whichever eyeball reaches the finish line first is the winner. A second winner be be the eyeball that travels the farthest on its journey.

The race will begin when I dump a tub of eyeballs at the top of the hill.

When does it all go down? Get it “down”? LOL

At 4:30 pm on Saturday September 16 and again at 4:00pm on Sunday September 17.

How can a fellow like me, the average everyday guy on the street, get in on the action?

You can nab an eyeball at the Oddmall Souvenirium or from one of the wandering Oddmall Eyeball Dispensing Volunteers. Eyeballs are only $5 (or 5 for $20). Proceeds go toward helping us keep Oddmall free to the public.

Sweet! Are there prizes?

Absolutely! The top several winners will nab prizes donated by our amazing Oddmall vendors. If you are a vendor or local community business owner and would like to donate prizes please check in onsite at the Oddmall Souvenirium. Thanks! We love you all.

I am so DOWN for this!

Good. I am also excited. See you at Oddmall: Rubber City Rumpus this Saturday and Sunday!!!!!


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