Super Awesome Deal for Oddmall Food Trucks!

Super awesome deal, you say?

I do indeed. In fact, the deal is soooooo awesome you crazy pillowfluffers ain’t gonna believe this stuff.

Yeah, but is the super awesome deal?

Oh yeah. Here’s the thing. Nab yourself a food truck spot at Oddmall: Rubber City Rumpus and you will also get a FREE food truck spot at Con on the Cob this November.

That is indeed a SUPER AWESOME DEAL. Is there a catch?

Of course there’s a catch. It’s you. You’re quite a catch. But seriously, no, there’s not a catch. We find ourselves in need of vittles and libations at Con on the Cob and we want to reward those incredibly wonderful people (that’s you, potentially) who feed the populace at Rubber City Rumpus by offering them this deal.

It’s totally free! No charge at all?

We are still in talks with the hotel, but at the very most, they may ask for a 10% cut of your sales at Con on the Cob. Oddmall and Con on the Cob ask for nothing (except for your initial rental fee for Rubber City Rumpus) and we are working with the hotel try to erase even that small percentage.

How do I sign up?

It is ever so simple. All you must do is reserve your spot at Rubber City Rumpus then email Kelsey at to let her know you would like to do Con on the Cob as well.

Tell me more about Con on the Cob, please.

Sure thing. Con on the Cob is a FOUR DAY CELEBRATION OF GAMES, ART, FREAKS, and FUN held at the Days Inn in Richfield, Ohio November 9-12, 2017. It is the most fun thing in the history of fun and you’ll totally dig it.

Currently, we are looking for food vendors and food trucks (outsdoors) for dinner on Thursday, lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday, and lunch on Sunday. Please let Kelsey know when you are available in your email to her.

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